U.S., 1949, 110 min, Dir. Robert Rossen, Rated PG for suggestive content and some violence

All The King's Men

Wednesday, 11/4 at 1:00 pm

“A poisonous political process from our not-so-distant past dominates Robert Rossen's classic film about the rise of a Southern demagogue.” - Wall Street Journal

Robert Penn Warren's roman à clef about the rise and fall of Southern demagogue Willie Stark (Broderick Crawford) is a thinly disguised biography of Louisiana governor Huey Long, who rose through the ranks fighting corruption only to succumb to it himself. Robert Rossen's film of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel won the Oscar for Best Film. "Rossen injects a note of ambiguity early on," wrote Tom Milne in London's Time Out, "and the doubt as to what [Willie] is really after is beautifully orchestrated by being filtered through the eyes of the press agent (John Ireland), who serves as the film's narrator, and whose admiration for Stark gradually becomes tempered by understanding." In the role of his career as the ruthless pol, Crawford took home the Best Actor Oscar, and in the role of his campaign aide, Mercedes McCambridge followed suit with the Supporting Actress statuette. All The King's Men is fondly remembered as one of the great film noirs from the genre's classic era. Today's screening is a balm for post-Election Day hangovers.

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