Japan, 2011, 92 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Gorō Miyazaki, Rated PG, GKIDS, voice dubbed in English

From Up on Poppy Hill

Saturday, 9/10 & Sunday, 9/11 at 11:00 am

"A departure for Studio Ghibli - an emotionally nuanced, nostalgic look at the past that is grounded in everyday reality but retains the humor and delight that are part of the studio's trademark." - Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald

The Studio Ghibli legacy continues with Gorō Miyazaki (son of Hayao Miyazaki) directing the charming film, From Up on Poppy Hill. Written by Hayao and Keiko Niwa (When Marnie Was There), the 2011 anime dives into the post Korean War life with our two young high school protagonists, Umi and Shun. When Shun offers a ride to Umi on his bicycle, the two become an inseparable pair who fight for their clubhouse from Tokumaru, a business man who desires to demolish buildings for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. As the pair become close, they realize their bond might be closer than they anticipated, both holding the same photograph of their fathers during the war. From Up on Poppy Hill is a heartfelt tale that gradually shifts from the journey of childhood dreams to the real world. An example to all what it means to have dedication and perseverance. The English dubbed-version was released in 2013. The impressive voice cast includes Jamie Lee Curtis, Gillian Anderson, Ron Howard, and Aubrey Plaza. The film received positive reviews during its initial release, making it yet another beloved Studio Ghibli classic. The Rotten Tomatoes consensus: "Gentle and nostalgic, From Up on Poppy Hill is one of Studio Ghibli's sweeter efforts." This film is suitable for ages 9 and up.

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