Peru, 2015, 109 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Salvador del Solar, Not Rated, Meikincine Entertainment, Spanish with English Subtitles


Friday, 9/30 through Thursday, 10/13

"A gripping character study built into a story of potent tragedy." – Jonathan Holland, Hollywood Reporter

The sins of the past force a painful reckoning in the present in Magallanes, a quietly gripping Peruvian thriller about old political wounds and the elusive quest for redemption. The film follows a cabbie's attempt to right a past injustice through desperate criminal acts, but his conscience isn't so easily unburdened. Actor-turned-director Salvador del Solar (who played the title role in Francisco Lombardi's memorable Captain Pantoja and the Special Services) turns the screws on the audience expertly, but the thriller elements never distract from the moral crisis of a man - and a country - whose decades-old mistakes cling to him like a tattoo. Argentina's acting legend Federico Luppi is indelible in an essential supporting role. Magallanes comes to Gables Cinema in its exclusive U.S. theatrical premiere following a stellar festival route (Toronto, San Sebastián, Huelva, Havana, Miami, to list a few). Hands down, it's one of the most highly acclaimed Latin American films of the year.

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