Spain, 2016, 70 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Jonás Trueba, Not Rated, Spanish with English Subtitles

The Romantic Exiles

Ends Thursday, 9/1

"Jonás Trueba is one of the bright lights of Spanish arthouse cinema in its most accessible incarnation. The Romantic Exiles is a film about the end of youth, about women as the new drivers of the world, about the struggle to find emotional fulfillment in a world where it's increasingly difficult to find it, about friendship, and about film. Spanish cinema is too often lacking in Trueba's delicate, engaging irony." – Jonathan Holland, Hollywood Reporter

Luis, Vito and Fran are a trio of Spanish dreamers. They're headed to Paris in an old VW camper borrowed from a family friend to search for love and adventure. En route they ruminate and philosophize, joke around and listen to music. Each is forced to confront some truth about themselves, as well as their attitudes about life and love - particularly in balancing the desire for romantic idealism with the realities of compromise. Jonás Trueba returns to the emotional terrain of his award-winning The Wishful Thinkers and Every Song Is About Me with a glorious Rohmer-infused coming of age narrative which gently challenges a romantic ethos that appears anything but passé. A work of imaginative dexterity on the fly, The Romantic Exiles is an engaging celebration of the restless spirit that drives the three men and a playful contemplation of culture's role in helping us make sense of life's absurdities. CGAC's premiere screenings of this breezy summer idyll are timed for you to bid a wistful adieu to the carefree season of the year.

Latin Grammy nominee Miren Iza, leader of Spanish indiepop sensation Tulsa, will perform live three songs inspired by the film at the end of its screenings on 8/26 & 8/27. Director Jonás Trueba and Producer Javier Lafuente will introduce the screenings on 8/26 & 8/27 and do a Q&A with the audience.


Once in a blue moon comes a filmmaker with a voice of his own, a story to tell and a passion to share it with us devoid of compromise. Such a director is Jonás Trueba, whose father Fernando and uncle David are celebrated moviemakers in their own right. Years from now, we'll look back on Jonás' initial triptych as a time capsule. Surely this is how it was to be young and alive in Madrid at the dawn of the 21st century.

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