Argentina, 2015, 108 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Pablo Trapero, Rated R, Spanish with English Subtitles

The Clan

Now Playing Through 4/14 Only!

"Watching The Clan, you have to keep reminding yourself that this absolutely insane story really happened." - Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald

Stories about Argentina under the military junta of the 70s abound, along with tales of the thirteen thousand guerrillas and political dissidents who "disappeared" under the ruthless regime. Accustomed to widespread corruption in high places - before and after the junta's Dirty War - the country was still taken aback to learn of the nefarious activities of the Puccio Clan. Paterfamilias Arquimedes was an efficient hitman for the military. When democracy was restored in the early 80s, he found himself suddenly unemployed. Ever resourceful (and unrepentantly bloodthirsty) Archimedes soon found a way to continue plying his trade - this time strictly for the money - with the assistance of his oldest son (an up-and-coming rugby star) and the casual complicity of his family. In the role of Archimedes, Guillermo Francella enters the annals of screen villainy with passionless gaze and steely resolve. Celebrated director Pablo Trapero hits bullseye with a breakneck thriller that feels like Scorsese with a Latin accent, right down to the use of British Invasion pop (The Kinks' "Sunny Afternoon") on the soundtrack. Last year Pedro Almodovar produced Argentina's record-breaking black comedy Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes). Now he has topped himself with The Clan, Argentina's Oscar entry and its reigning all-time box office champ. Fasten your seat belts, you're in for a nasty roller coaster ride.

On Wednesday, April 6, following the 6:30 pm show, Dr. Andrew Strycharski, FIU director of Film Studies, will lead a conversation about the film with the audience.

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