Spain, 2017, 128 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Fernando Trueba, Not Rated, In Spanish with English subtitles

The Queen of Spain

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"Spanish comedy at its finest." – Francisco Marinero, El Mundo

"Cruz effortlessly makes the film her own." – Jonathan Holland, Hollywood Reporter

In his latest opus, director Fernando Trueba returns to the travails of a Spanish film crew, eighteen years after The Girl of Your Dreams. Whereas in the earlier film, a musical was being made in Nazi Germany, this time the project is a fictionalized biography of queen Isabella I of Castille, a made-in-Spain Hollywood epic financed by American capital under the watchful eyes of Generalísimo Franco. In the ensuing years, Spanish actress Macarena Granada (Penelope Cruz) has become a Tinseltown star and The Queen of Spain is her homecoming movie. Once again, under the guise of a human comedy, Trueba's valentine to the movies also explores a dark chapter in the history of his country. One of the film's many pleasures is to reconnect with the large ensemble that made The Girl of Your Dreams such a sparkling delight. Ms. Cruz has never looked lovelier. Her closing line is destined to figure prominently in the annals of Spanish film history.

Fernando Trueba is one of Spain's greatest filmmakers. He won the Best Foreign Language Oscar for Belle Époque (1994) and was nominated again in 2012 for Best Animated Film with the incomparable Chico & Rita. Miami has had a special place in his heart since his first film, Opera Prima (1980), had its US premiere in Coral Gables. Since then, whenever possible, he has attended the opening of his films. Gables Cinema welcomes Mr. Trueba back to the Gables with the premiere of his latest opus, the rollicking Queen of Spain, which continues the fictional saga of the Spanish film crew he introduced in The Girl of Your Dreams eighteen years ago. As a special treat, we're reprising the earlier film as well as unveiling a stunning remastered 4K restoration of Calle 54, his love letter to the music he loves most, Latin Jazz. Welcome back, Fernando!

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