Norway, 2015, 105 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Roar Uthaug, Rated R for some language and disaster images, Magnolia Pictures, Norwegian with English subtitles

The Wave

Friday, 3/18 through Thursday, 3/24

"An impressive, thunderous nerve-wracker." - Peter Debruge, Variety

In this pulse-pounding thriller (Norway's entry to the Academy Awards), a geologist tries to prevent a cataclysm when a mountain overlooking a popular Norwegian tourist destination threatens to collapse into the ocean. The story takes place in the small community of Geiranger, where a close-knit family lives on a remote fjord. Geologist Kristian works at an early warning center with a crew of pros whose job it is to keep one eye on the mountain and another on a big red panic button. The last catastrophic rockslide dates back to 1905 and it's only a question of time before it happens again. Once the rocks start falling, the population will have just 10 minutes to vamoose to higher ground or die. Those ten minutes are some of the most nerve-rattling you'll experience in any movie this year, but as The Wave continues the stakes only get higher. Ace director Roar Uthaug keeps things hurtling forward in a state of high anxiety until the very end. Giving Hollywood a run for its money, the film's canvas is broad, its effects eerily realistic, and its scale immense. Here comes the flood.

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