Spain, 2013, 93 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Jonás Trueba, Not Rated, Spanish with English Subtitles

The Wishful Thinkers

Ends Thursday, 9/1

"A black and white homage to the movie-making dream, shot in the spirit and style of the French New Wave. The film can itself stand as the affirmation of what its characters so badly want to believe - that it's still possible for young, creative people to make exactly the kind of films they want to make. The Wishful Thinkers is an affirmation that deserves to be seen." - Jonathan Holland, Hollywood Reporter

Waiting to get the green light for his new project, filmmaker León (Francesco Carril) contemplates a contemporary culture in which it's ever harder to get a job and failure is the order of the day. In a society where youth unemployment runs at over 56%, waiting effectively becomes a way of life. Jonás Trueba's camera follows León - an award-winning performance from Carril - as he sees friends, lovers and colleagues, talks about film and life, and discusses the aspirations of his generation. The Wishful Thinkers is a film about the craft of making work, but it's also both a boy-meets-girl tale and a seductive homage to Madrid - the city is as much a protagonist of the movie as Carril's León. Shot by Santiago Recaj in warm black and white, this is an intelligent and moving piece of filmmaking about enterprise and imagination in times of crisis. Shooting with out-of-pocket funding and prevailing over daunting adversity in his second outing as director, Trueba becomes the go-to, can-do indie filmmaker of his generation. His Wishful Thinkers is on everyone's list of the Spanish film most likely to become iconic in the years to come.

Director Jonás Trueba and Producer Javier Lafuente will introduce the screenings on 8/27 and do a Q&A with the audience.


Once in a blue moon comes a filmmaker with a voice of his own, a story to tell and a passion to share it with us devoid of compromise. Such a director is Jonás Trueba, whose father Fernando and uncle David are celebrated moviemakers in their own right. Years from now, we'll look back on Jonás' initial triptych as a time capsule. Surely this is how it was to be young and alive in Madrid at the dawn of the 21st century.

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