After Hours

The Gables Cinema presents the best films you never saw on the big screen (or maybe you did) from late-night cult classics to foreign favorites and even summer blockbusters every Saturday at 11:45 pm. Tickets include a free popcorn and 2-for-1 beer and wine. Please note that unclaimed pre-ordered tickets will be sold to the waitline 30 mins after showtime.

Donnie Darko

Saturday, 2/25 at 11:45 pm

Get your bunny suits ready for a 35mm screening of the original cut.

The Princess Bride

Saturday, 3/4 at 11:45 pm

William Goldman’s postmodern fairy tale is full of swashbuckling fun and comedy along with, yes, a bit of kissing.

The Fifth Element

Saturday, 3/11 at 11:45 pm

Luc Besson’s kick-ass sci-fi jamboree celebrates a 20th anniversary.


Saturday, 3/18 at 11:45 pm

The great Catherine Deneuve is driven to lunacy by the horror machinations of Roman Polanski.

Army of Darkness

Saturday, 3/25 at 11:45 pm

Hail to the king on his 25th anniversary.