U.S., 1957, 96 min, Digital, Dir. Sidney Lumet, Not Rated, Park Circus

12 Angry Men

Sunday, January 7

"Pound for pound, Sidney Lumet has the finest filmography of all the New York giants (sorry, Marty), and to think he began his features career with this brilliant character study is to blanch at the man's gifts." – Joshua Rothkopz, Time Out

"A court drama that transcends time or place; a real masterpiece." —Gisela Savdie, El Heraldo

Selected by Steven Krams

After working in the fast-paced world of live television, director Sidney Lumet transitioned to the big screen by adapting Reginald Rose's award-winning teleplay to create a masterpiece of nail-biting suspense and moral purpose. Restricted to a cramped jury room on the hottest day of the year, the film is animated by Henry Fonda's commanding and iconic performance as the lone dissenting voice battling to convince his fellow jurors of "reasonable doubt" - with a teenage defendant's life on the balance.

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