U.S., 1968, 164 min, 70mm, Dir. Stanley Kubrick, Rated G, Warner Bros.

2001: A Space Odyssey (70mm Encore)

Friday, 8/31 to Thursday, 9/6 (Encore)

"The film creates its effects essentially out of visuals and music. It is meditative. It does not cater to us, but wants to inspire us, enlarge us." – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

CGAC presents a brand new 70mm print of 2001: A Space Odyssey to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick's landmark film. Overseen by Christopher Nolan, "this 70mm print was struck from new printing elements made from the original camera negative. This is a true photochemical film recreation. There are no digital tricks, remastered effects, or revisionist edits. This is the unrestored film - that recreates the cinematic event that audiences experienced fifty years ago."

Beginning with the dawn of man millions of years ago, 2001: A Space Odyssey charts an epic journey across the vastness of human history – and beyond. Co-written by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke, the 1968 masterpiece tackles lofty themes including human evolution, the search for extraterrestrial life, advancements in artificial intelligence, and the often conflicting uses of technology. Fifty years later, the film has not lost a speck of awe or relevance thanks to a tight, poetic narrative and Academy Award-winning special effects created by a director known for his perfectionism. It’s a film full of wonder in every single frame and the kind that you don’t simply watch but experience. As Alexander Walker, noted film critic for London’s Evening Standard, pointed out: "I shall go and see it again as soon as possible, for one thing is clear. Man has shrunk space, but director Stanley Kubrick has expanded the cinema."

This 70mm presentation is supported by a generous grant from the Coral Gables Community Foundation.

The Gables Cinema is the only art cinema in the southeastern United States equipped to screen films in 70mm, the high-resolution format that became synonymous with the medium's epics and films of exceptional visual grandeur. To see a film projected in this format is to see them in their full splendor, with pristine image and detailed sound. New screenings are added throughout the year.

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