France, 1969, 145 min, DCP, Dir. Jean-Pierre Melville, Not Rated, In French with English subtitles, Institut Français

Army of Shadows

Sunday, October 15

“Melville understands such a state of mind more than any other filmmaker, which is why Army of Shadows emerges as a meditation more than a historical account.” —Brian Eggert, Deep Focus Review

“Jean-Pierre Melville cherishes paradox and free-thinking," and both elements are on beautiful display in his masterpiece.” —Glenn Heath Jr., Slant Magazine

A small group of French resistance fighters struggles to survive and resist the Nazi occupation during World War II. Led by the enigmatic and resourceful Philippe Gerbier, this diverse band of patriots carries out daring acts of sabotage, espionage, and subterfuge against the brutal regime. The film delves into the moral and psychological challenges they face as they make life-and-death decisions in their dangerous quest for freedom. Army of Shadows explores the indomitable human spirit and the sacrifices made for the cause of liberty in the darkest of times.

In August 1973, 50 years ago, Jean-Pierre Grumbach (known as Jean-Pierre Melville), one of the great filmmakers of the 20th century, passed away. In a career spanning just fourteen films and twenty-five years, Jean-Pierre Melville became an international legend. His films had a profound impact on the young filmmakers of the French New Wave. He also exerted a lasting influence on other major filmmakers, with his writing and visual style having inspired many American directors such as Quentin Tarantino, Michael Mann and Jim Jarmusch. 2023 is an opportunity to pay tribute to him and (re)discover his work. This program is presented in partnership with the Alliance Française Miami Metro.

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