Colombia/France /U.S., 2023, 80 min, Digital, Dir. Various, Recommended for ages 12+, In Spanish with English subtitles, Bogoshorts Film Agency

BOGOSHORTS presenta: Colombia, País de Ilusiones

Friday, 9/15 to Sunday, 9/17

While reality might embody tragedy, Colombia transcends that label; it stands as a nation where a plethora of coexisting realities paint a multifaceted portrait. Some of these realities gleam with brightness, while others unveil the vivid hues within the human abyss. Through the curation of BOGOSHORTS, the Bogotá Short Film Festival, five short films have been meticulously brought together. These films provide enthusiasts of concise yet powerful stories a chance to look through different perspectives that reveal the diverse complexity that is Colombia. From the comedic essence that spices up everyday existence, to indelible characters encompassed in their eccentricities, and further into the realm of cherished magical realism, the narrative reminds us that the enchantment weaves itself from the threads of humanity.

Lucy’s Tongue (Por Esa Lengua)— Daniel Negrete, Colombia (19 min)
Lucy is the most gossipy lady in town. Her greatest pleasure is walking through the streets observing and listening to other people’s conversations and then meeting up to gossip with her friends Olga and Adelma. In this Macondian village, gossip becomes happiness and happiness becomes music.

Rodri — Franco Lolli, Colombia / France (23 min)
Rodrigo hasn't worked for eight years. In a few days, it will be forty-seven.

The Size of Things (El tamaño de las Cosas) — Carlos Felipe Montoya, Colombia (12 min)
Diego lives with his father in a house without things. One day he finds a chair deep in the woods and desire of possession arises. Diego takes the chair back home but the father disagrees and orders him to return it. At night, the father recognizes the boy ́s feeling of dearth and allows Diego to bring the chair again. Diego returns to the forest but something has happened, something really big. He can't bring the chair this time.

Between You and Milagros (Entre tu y Milagros) — Mariana Saffon, Colombia / U.S., (20 min)
At fifteen, Milagros' world still revolves around her mother's affection. This summer an unexpected encounter with death will make her question their relationship and her own existence.

The Sistine (La Sixtina) — Juan Camilo Fonnegra, Colombia (8 min)
Vincho, a street dweller, spends his time recycling and classifying waste produced in the city to transform it into the source of his creations. Under a bridge, he works in his masterpiece: The Sistine.

Bogotá Short Film Festival - Festival de Cortos de Bogotá - BOGOSHORTS, - is a qualifying festival for the Academy Awards and the GOYA Awards. It is held annually with national and international competitions across all genres, along with multiple informative sections. It includes within it the only specialized short film market in Latin America, the BFM - BOGOSHORTS Film Market, an industry space focused on strengthening the co-production and circulation of short films.

BOGOSHORTS is much more than a festival. With 20 years of experience and evolution as a leading driver in strengthening short films as a fundamental axis for the growth of regional cinema, it is a platform that propels new creators from Colombia and Latin America through the power of short formats.

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