Japan, 2016, 130 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Not Rated, KimStim Films, Japanese with English Subtitles


Friday, 1/13 through Thursday, 1/19

"What's the opposite of a jump scare? Director Kiyoshi Kurosawa has mastered it in the superb Creepy, revealing the upsetting details with such slow-build subtlety that you don't notice your skin crawling until it's halfway out the door." – Rob Staeger, Village Voice

Kiyoshi Kurosawa, who made his name with classics Cure and Pulse, gets back to his roots by putting the thumbscrews to his audience with Creepy, a spine-tingler about love and death, the allure of mystery and its perils. A year after a botched negotiation with a serial killer turned deadly, ex-detective Koichi (Hidetoshi Nishijima), and his wife Yasuko (Yuko Takeuchi) move into a new house with a deeply strange new neighbor (scene-stealing Teruyuki Kagawa). His old cop colleagues come calling for his help on a mysterious case, which may be related to the strange goings-on next door, in this insidiously constructed narrative that braids plot twists on top of plot twists and shock on top of shock. Creepy is based on an award-winning novel by Japanese master of suspense Yutaka Maekawa. Scary as hell, the film supplies a headlong rush of tension and cruelty all the way to a gratifying final payoff.

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