Dracula / Frankenstein Double Feature

U.S., 1931, 156 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Tod Browning/James Whale, Not rated but suitable for children, Universal Pictures

Dracula & Frankenstein Double Feature

Sunday, 10/31

"[Dracula is a] sublimated ghost story related with all surface seriousness and above all with a remarkably effective background of creepy atmosphere." —Variety

"Beautiful photography, a heartbreaking story, and iconic moments from beginning to end. Absolutely unmissable" —Kim Newman, Empire

This Halloween, enjoy a double creature feature screening of the original Dracula and Frankenstein for their 90th anniversaries! Both are presented in the meticulously produced 2012 restorations by Universal Studios.

Bela Lugosi wants to suck your blood in Tod Browning's monster classic! Featuring dynamic visuals by German cinematographer Karl Freund (a collaborator of F. W. Murnau, of Nosferatu fame) and a towering performance by Lugosi, this is the standard by which all portrayals of the suave yet deadly vampire count are measured.

James Whale's Frankenstein is alive with terror!! Featuring a supremely humane performance by screen legend Boris Karloff - even more magnificent for it being entirely wordless. Few movie monsters have been as ghoulish yet pitiable as Frankenstein's monster and Whale's classic exemplifies those qualities.

There is a 10-minute intermission between the films.

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