This viewing is free and open to the public on a first come, first serve basis.

Eclipse Across America: Through the Eyes of NASA

Monday, 8/21 at 12:00 pm

Join us at the Gables Cinema on Monday, August 21, 2017 for a live stream of Eclipse Across America: Through the Eyes of NASA. If you're not in the path of totality, then a dark, air-conditioned theater is the second best way to watch this year's most anticipated celestial event!

The NASA pre-show begins at noon with the main show, covering the path of totality beginning at 1:00 pm.
The Cinema Cafe will be open. Join us for your lunch break. Bring your co-workers and friends!
The eclipse will be visible - weather permitting - across all of North America. The whole continent will experience a partial eclipse lasting two to three hours. Halfway through the event, anyone within a 60 to 70 mile-wide path from Oregon to South Carolina will experience a total eclipse. During those brief moments when the moon completely blocks the sun's bright face for 2 + minutes, day will turn into night, making visible the otherwise hidden solar corona, the sun's outer atmosphere. Bright stars and planets will become visible as well. This is truly one of nature's most awesome sights. 

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