France, 2022, 88 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Éric Gravel, In French with English subtitles, Not Rated, Music Box Films

Full Time

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"It’s a propulsively intense piece of filmmaking." —Screen Daily

"A breathless work, a human drama that very easily calls on our empathy, so perfectly does it recreate contemporary reality and echoes current societal issues.” —CineEuropa

Julie (Laure Calamy) can’t catch a break. For a single mother raising two children in the suburbs of Paris but working in the city, the commuter train is a lifeline–and it’s suddenly been severed during the latest transit strike. Without the train, Julie can’t get to her job as the head maid at a five-star hotel–or to the interview for a better job she has lined up. Out of desperation, Julie turns to neighbors and her own gutsy resourcefulness to commute into the city for work, barely making it back in time to pick up her kids before dinner. Worse yet: it’s only Monday. Julie is at her breaking point and soon finds herself bending the rules to stay afloat in a ruthless society as her responsibilities pile up.

Anchored by Calamy’s powerful performance, Full Time is an impossible race against time and a kinetic thriller assembled from the everyday obstacles faced by working parents everywhere.

Éric Gravel is a French-Canadian screenwriter and director living in France. He made several short films as part of the Kino film movement before making his feature debut in 2017 with Crash Test Aglaé. Full Time is his second feature film.

Winner of Best Director and Best Actress (Laure Calamy), Venice Film Festival (2021)

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