Japan, 1995, 82 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Mamoru Oshii, Not Rated, Funimation

Ghost in the Shell

Tuesday, 2/7 & Wednesday, 2/8 at 7:00 pm

"For sheer mind-expanding sci-fi strangeness, this is hard to beat." – Tom Huddleston, Time Out

Ghost in the Shell returns to the big screen with an exclusive 15 minute bonus feature courtesy of Funimation before the new live action adaptation comes out this spring. It’s 2029 and the Puppet Master, an elusive hacker, is invading cybernetic brains and altering their memories. Enter Major Motoko Kusanagi, a cybernetic agent who leads Section 9 on a manhunt for the Puppet Master. The cat-and-mouse game that follows forms the basis for director Mamoru Oshii’s landmark cyberpunk anime Ghost in the Shell. Seamlessly merging traditional cel animation with the then-latest CGI, the film broke through the boundaries of mainstream animation with its detailed artistic expression and unique story. Issues of identity, reality, and an electronically connected world are explored in a concise 82 minute runtime. The film influenced a number of works, most notably the Wachowski’s The Matrix, which took several concepts from the anime, including the digital rain.

The Tuesday screening of the film is presented in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

The Wednesday screening of the film is presented in the English dub.

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