U.S., 1989, 103 min, Digital, Dir. Michael Lehmann, Rated R, Lakeshore International


Sunday, 10/30 and Monday 10/31

"Without 'The Heathers', there would be no Jawbreaker, no Mean Girls and certainly no Juno." —Los Angeles Times

"'The Heathers' locates the emotional totalitarianism lurking in a prom queen's heart."— Richard Corliss, TIME Magazine

Shannen Doherty, Winona Ryder, Christian Slater co-star in this cruelly hilarious dark comedy, which became one of the biggest cult classics of the 80s. Westerburg High School's elite clique of popular girls, "The Heathers" comprises the powerful Heather Chandler, the green with envy Heather Duke, and the cowardly Heather McNamara. Rounding out the foursome is Veronica Sawyer, who is so fed up with the Heathers and the entire peer pressure cooker that she starts running with J.D, a mysterious - and possibly psychotic - motorcycle- riding newcomer. But what begins as their noble effort to rid Westerburg of its bad apples ends up taking a real toll. And their teen rebellion produces a serious and mounting body count.

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