U.K., 90 min, 2022, 2K DCP, Dir. Phil Grabsky, Not Rated, Exhibition on Screen

Hopper: An American Love Story

Sunday, October 16

"Edward Hopper is one of history’s most influential artists, so often imitated by photographers, filmmakers, musicians and other artists. I was initially drawn in by the idea of a man who was cantankerous, monosyllabic, and unpleasant, but what I’ve learnt is that this is a very unfair summary of the man; that he is much more complicated and more grounded than that… he is a thoughtful artist and a master storyteller.” —Phil Grabsky, Director and Executive Producer

This screening features an in-person Q&A with BAFTA-winning British documentary filmmaker Phil Grabsky after the movie.

Edward Hopper’s work is some of the most recognizable art in America—popular, praised, and mysterious. Countless painters, photographers, filmmakers and musicians have been influenced by his art; including Rothko, Banksy, Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch—but who was he, and how did a struggling illustrator create such a bounty of notable work?

Combined with expert interviews, diaries, and a startling visual reflection of American life, Hopper brings to life one of America’s most influential artists. This new film takes a deep look into Hopper’s art, his life, and his relationships. From his early career as an illustrator; his wife giving up her own promising art career to be his manager; his critical and commercial acclaim. This film explores the enigmatic personality behind the brush.

The release of Hopper: An American Love Story coincides with the opening of the Whitney Museum’s major exhibition Edward Hopper’s New York (October 2022 – March 2023).

Phil Grabsky is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. With a film career spanning 25 years, Phil and his company Seventh Art Productions make films for cinema, television and DVD. His biggest project to date is the creation of a unique new arts brand: Exhibition on Screen. This brings major art exhibitions – and the stories of both the galleries and the artists – to a cinema, TV and DVD audience worldwide.

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