Singapore, 2021, 70 min, Digital, Dir. Jin Youn, Not Rated (Appropriate for all ages), In English, Scube SG

KNOT: Weaving a Symphony

Saturday, November 19 (Sensory-friendly screening)

"The film reflects on the collaboration of talent, love, and determination, where an actual and symbolic symphony is intricately ‘woven’ into the lives of the subjects."
Children’s Film Festival Seattle


KNOT follows the musical journey of children with special needs participating in the Beautiful Mind Music Academy. The documentary tells their story of growth and the fulfillment achieved through the art of classical music. Reminisce with their families through their daily struggles and triumphs as the kids embark on a transformative path to individuality and independence. Witness the dedication of the teachers as they stand by the children’s side, literally and figuratively holding their hands through their journey. KNOT will highlight and shine light on this unique group of children, their teachers and parents, and ultimately reveal the power of community, love, and commitment in overcoming adversity.

This film is appropriate for all ages.

Sensory-friendly screenings provide a special opportunity for individuals living with autism and others to enjoy films in a safe and accepting environment. During these screenings, the cinema auditorium will have lights turned slightly up and the sound turned slightly down. A quiet space and headphones will be made available. Families are welcome to bring gluten-free, casein-free snacks, and assistive technology devices.

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