Hong Kong/China, 2004, 98 min, 35mm, Dir. Stephen Chow, Rated R, Sony Pictures Classics

Kung Fu Hustle

Saturday, 12/24 at 11:45 pm

"Stephen Chow's kinetic, exhausting, relentlessly entertaining film throws scraps of a half-century of international pop culture into a fast-whirling blender." - A. O. Scott, New York Times

Chinese superstar Stephen Chow is one of the zaniest comedians in the world – period. With Kung Fu Hustle, what may be his best film, Chow pays homage to the Hong Kong martial arts genre the best way he can: by parodying the at times absurd elements of the genre. Young thief Sing (played by Chow himself) is a total loser who wishes to join the notorious and stylishly dressed Axe Gang but do so, he must commit murder. After unsuccessfully attempting to rob the residents of the Pig Sty Alley apartment complex, Sing sets off a war between the local masters who live in the complex and the axe-wielding gang. With gravity-defying kung fu fights created by famed choreographer Yuen Woo-ping, dance numbers with tuxedoed mobsters, and a comedic touch like no other, it’s no wonder that Kung Fu Hustle was the highest grossing foreign-language film in 2005.

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