94 min, Recommended for ages 6 to 8+

Miami Children's Film Festival Live Action Shorts

Thursday, 11/17 & Sunday, 11/20

This diverse collection of unique and heartwarming films features a thought-provoking documentary about a family preserving their cultural traditions; inspiring narratives about friendship, family and acceptance; visually-inventive celebrations of the transformative power of imagination; and even a love song for an dog (because every dog deserves one).


When she sees an old man unable to pay for his milk, a young girl has a change of heart.

New Zealand, 2021, 5 min, Dir. Celia Jaspers, Recommended for ages 6+


A tale of overcoming deep fears and conveying that on the other side of any challenge is an experience that will strengthen your character and stay with you for a lifetime.

India, 2021, 6 min, Dir. Stanley Hector, Recommended for ages 6+


Aroha wants to share her creativity with her neighbors. Her imaginations come to life for everyone to enjoy.

New Zealand, 2022, 11 min, Dir. Nicholas Riini, Recommended for ages 8+


An adventurous young boy and his determined mother share a passion for Labrador Inuit drum dancing.

Canada, 2021, 14 min Dir. ​​Ossie Michelin, Recommended for ages 8+


All good dogs deserve a love song.

U.S., 3 min, Dir. Kelly Newton, Recommended for ages 6+


A lonely animator seeks companionship through asking her friends to tell her what they see in cloud pictures. She then proceeds to animate their visions.

U.S., 6 min, Dir. Barb Hoffman, Recommended for ages 8+


Lorena is a seven-year-old girl who wants to win the piñatas school contest, where the grand prize is “a bicycle”. But her young age and inexperience will create a very special piñata.

Mexico, 2020, 13 min, Dir. Verónica Ramírez, In Spanish with English subtitles, Recommended for ages 8+


When a seven year old boy named Shah finds a hole in his back yard, he worries that it may be where the Devil gets in and out. His big brother teases and bullies him about this fear, leading Shah to bottle it up and shoulder his anxiety in silence. Shah's best friend Nella is the only person who usually gets him, but he's afraid this may be too much for even her to understand.

U.S., 2021, 10 min, Dir. Noah Glenn, Recommended for ages 8+


A child reconnects to her fondest memories through a box of treasures she has kept beneath her tree throughout her life.

U.S., 2021, 5 min, Dir. Alexandra Cerna, Recommended for ages 6+


Maria, Dermot, and their son Johnny live in West Belfast. Their conventional, straightforward family life takes a sudden turn when Johnny tells his Mum that he wants to wear a dress for his upcoming First Holy Communion.

United Kingdom, 2021, 20 min, Dir. Terry Loane, Recommended for ages 8+

The 9th annual Miami Children's Film Festival runs November 17 to November 20. Culturally rich, educational, and entertaining, the Festival includes four days of highly acclaimed international cinema for children and families. It offers a unique opportunity to cultivate critical appreciation for intelligent films among younger people. In addition to the films and hands-on workshops, there will be a free festival street fair taking place on Aragon Avenue on Saturday, November 19, and a closing party on the plaza in front of the cinema with fun activities and music on Sunday, November 20. As a mission-driven nonprofit cinema, we believe that art should be affordable and accessible to everyone and this year, admission to screenings is pay what you can!

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