U.S., 2018, 98 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Lisa Vreeland, Not Rated, Zeitgeist Films

Love, Cecil

Friday, 8/10 to Thursday, 8/16

“Perfectly captures the imperious and witty Beaton spirit.” – Stephen Farber, Hollywood Reporter

Documentarian Lisa Immordino Vreeland returns with a loving yet clear-eyed look at Cecil Beaton, the twentieth-century polymath: famed photographer, author of 38 books, Oscar and Tony-winning designer of Gigi and My Fair Lady (playing 8/11, 8/12 & 8/15), painter, dandy, and lover of both men and the divine Greta Garbo. His incredible work ethic and talent for self-promotion (combined with an equally strong penchant for play) brought him from upper-middle-class suburbia to hobnobbing with royals, working with Diaghilev, and hanging out with David Hockney and Mick Jagger. Even his enemies - George Cukor, Katherine Hepburn, Evelyn Waugh - were classy. Vreeland weaves together vintage footage of Beaton and new interviews with, among others, David Bailey, Penelope Tree, and Isaac Mizrahi. Pure delight for aesthetes - and aren’t we all? Meredith Brody, Telluride Film Festival

Tickets to these screenings are $12.75 and under. Cinema members pay only $8.

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