Spain, 2016, 100 min, Dir. Álex de la Iglesia, Rated R for language, sexuality, nudity and violence, Breaking Glass Pictures, Spanish with English Subtitles

My Big Night

Playing Thru Thursday 4/28 Only!

"The movie has an exhilarating energy that is never exhausting. My Big Night is as much of a party as it is a movie." - Rene Rodríguez, Miami Herald

Some twenty years ago, Spanish director Álex de la Iglesia had his first feature film, Acción Mutante, produced by Pedro Almodóvar. Since then, he has developed a well-deserved reputation as a maverick, upending genres and in the process becoming the standard bearer for a kind of joyously reckless, politically incorrect comedy that his lauded mentor seldom attempts these days. His new outing, My Big Night, may very well be the closest he has come to approaching the lofty levels of Almodovar's early comic gems like What Have I Done to Deserve This? and Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown. It's all about the pre-production of a New Year's Eve variety tv show, where everything that could possibly go wrong actually does. De la Iglesia's trump card is none other than ageless Spanish divo Raphael, making a very rare appearance, all the more welcome for skewering his storied persona with zesty glee. Not to be outdone by the dreamboat-in-mothballs, late-edition chica Almodóvar Blanca Suárez (The Skin I Live In, I'm So Excited!) is a bonafide hoot as gorgeous, sweet-natured Paloma, cursed with bringing damnation on all men who pursue her. My Big Night puts on a very happy face on hard times in today's Spain. More importantly, on its audience.

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