U.K., 1982, 95 min, Digital, Dir. Alan Parker, Rated R, Warner Bros.

Pink Floyd – The Wall

Saturday, March 25

"A bold, relentless visualization…without question the best of all serious fiction films devoted to rock." —Roger Ebert

“The film is explosively wild, raw, primitive, sometimes inarticulate. It is also totally theatrical and compelling. It's film as primal scream; seething with anger, alienation and despair.” —Bruce McCabe, Boston Globe

Pink Floyd’s seminal double album received the film treatment in 1982 with Pink Floyd – The Wall, featuring a script written by Roger Waters himself and directed by Alan Parker with animated segments by cartoonist Gerald Scarfe. Floyd “Pink” Pinkerton is a depressed and emotionally detached rock star. Over the years, Pink has built a metaphorical (and sometimes physical) wall to guard his psyche, which has endured a number of beatings, including the death of his father at a young age, an oppressively overprotective mother, and a humiliating school system. The soundtrack, featuring all but two of the original album’s songs, is accompanied by disturbing surreal imagery that includes goose-stepping Nazi hammers and a judge drawn as a pair of wig-wearing buttocks.

A singular cult classic, Pink Floyd – The Wall is an anthem against non-conformity and institutional corruption that still speaks to us 40 years later. Playing at Gables Cinema to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Pink Floyd's historic album The Dark Side of the Moon.

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