U.S., 2002, 95 min, 35mm, Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson, Rated R, Sony Pictures

Punch-Drunk Love

Saturday, 12/10 at 11:45 pm

"What Anderson and his equally unlikely stars, Adam Sandler and Emily Watson, have managed is to stretch the boundaries of the romantic comedy genre to their extreme outer limits." - Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

If there's a genre (or actor for that matter), that Paul Thomas Anderson can't handle, he has yet to come across it. Following the critical success of his grand scale opus, Magnolia, Anderson was determined to make a 90 minute romantic comedy. He succeed, and the cherry atop his sundae was casting Adam Sandler in the starring role. Barry Egan (Sandler) is just trying to get by with a boring office job and crippling anxiety exacerbated by his seven sisters. When Lena Leonard (Emily Watson) orchestrates a meet cute with a harmonium and a car crash, Barry's world begins to get a little bit brighter. Along the way, he exploits a loophole in a Healthy Choice promotion on airline miles by buying crates of pudding and has a run in with Dean Trumball (Philip Seymour Hoffman in one of his most memorable performances) who runs a call center out of a mattress store in Provo, Utah. With interstitials video pieces by contemporary artist Jeremy Blake and a score by the ever present Jon Brion to bolster the whole thing, it's no wonder PTA snagged best directing honors at Cannes for a romcom like no other.

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