Colombia, 2021, 77 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Alejandro Bernal, Not Rated, Spanish with English subtitles, Circum-Stance

Rebel Love

Wednesday, July 20

"Will young love be enough to hold their family together as they walk down this uncertain road?" — Heather Haynes, Hotdocs

"Love is always being tested and this film highlights this experience with a certain dramatic sense, as most love stories should be told." —Oswaldo Osorio, El Colombiano

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Rebel Love is a love story set amidst the culmination of one of the oldest conflicts in the Western Hemisphere. Six years ago, two former combatants of the Colombian guerrilla group FARC-EP met and fell in love. During the war, being a couple was almost impossible. They were assigned different missions, and having a relationship was considered a privilege beyond their rank. The revolutionary struggle came before personal interests. Now, having turned in their weapons and incorporated into civilian life, their future is even more uncertain. As they cope with everyday life, reconnect with their families, and in some cases fear for their own safety, they discover that love in the real world is not simple. Their everyday life shifts between fear and hope. For better or worse, they have decided to travel this uncertain road together.

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