Japan, 2009, 114 min, Digital, Dir. Mamoru Hosoda, Rated PG, Funimation, Japanese with English Subtitles

Summer Wars

Monday, 6/27 & Tuesday, 6/28

"It’s a sugar rush of candy-colored damages, a beautifully, drawn tale of family tradition and a bracing brain tonic about the Internet’s charms and vulnerabilities." – Denver Post

Winner of the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year in 2010, Summer Wars is a colorful and imaginative work from director Mamoru Hosoda, often heralded as the next Miyazaki. Kenji, a timid young boy, is taken to the town of Ueda by his friend Natsuki, to celebrate her great-grandmother’s 90th birthday. Once there, Natsuki introduces Kenji – to everyone’s surprise, including his – as her fiancé. Shortly after, Kenji cracks a mathematical code from an email, which causes a malignant A.I. named Love Machine to hack the virtual world of OZ and cause widespread destruction in the real world. It is up to Kenji and his best friend to save the day from the mastermind behind the attack, who seems to have ties to Natsuki’s family. Summer Wars was made in the wake of Hosoda and animation studio Madhouse’s critically successful film The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, with the team working on a completely original story inspired by the prominent Sanada clan. An early incarnation of the film can be seen in Hosoda’s turn directing Digimon Adventure: Our War Game, which also featured a group of teenagers combatting an evil artificial intelligence set on destroying the world.

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