U.K./U.S., 2020, 150 min, 70mm, Dir. Christopher Nolan, PG-13, Warner Bros.

Tenet (70mm)

Ends Thursday 10/8

"A visually breathtaking cinematic experience." —Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times

Exclusive Florida 70mm Engagement ENDS THURSDAY

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Gables Cinema is 1 of only 6 theaters in the country showing Tenet on 70mm film, an ultra-high quality analog film format.**Tickets are only available online and in advance.

John David Washington is the new Protagonist in Christopher Nolan’s original sci-fi action spectacle Tenet. Armed with only one word—Tenet—and fighting for the survival of the entire world, the Protagonist journeys through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real time. Not time travel. Inversion.

Coral Gables Art Cinema is the only art cinema in the southeastern United States equipped to screen films in 70mm, the high-resolution format that became synonymous with the medium's epics and films of exceptional visual grandeur. To see a film projected in this format is to see them in their full splendor, with pristine image and detailed sound. New screenings are added throughout the year.

About 70mm

70mm film projection is a process of projecting movies onto a big screen using a film print that is 70mm wide, which is about twice the size of regular 35mm film. This wider film format allows for a much greater amount of detail and image quality to be captured and displayed on screen, resulting in a more immersive and visually stunning cinematic experience.

Compared to digital projection, 70mm film projection has several benefits. One of the key benefits is that film prints can reproduce a wider range of colors and shades than digital projection, which can result in more vibrant and lifelike images. Additionally, film prints have a higher resolution than most digital projectors, which means that the images are sharper and more detailed. Film prints are also less prone to issues like pixelation or compression artifacts that can sometimes occur with digital projection.

70mm film projection can also capture a wider aspect ratio than most digital projection formats, which allows for more of the image to be visible on the screen. This wider aspect ratio is especially noticeable in epic movies that feature large landscapes or action sequences.

Overall, 70mm film projection provides a unique and high-quality cinematic experience that is unmatched by digital projection. While digital projection has become the industry standard in recent years, many cinephiles and filmmakers still appreciate the richness and depth that can be achieved using film prints.

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