U.S., 2020, 108 min, Dir. Christopher Munch, Not Rated, Theatrical at Home

The 11th Green

Ends Thursday

"I won’t divulge any more so you can experience the cool madness of The 11th Green for yourself. Suffice to say it’s out of this world." —Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times

"A thoughtful and compelling what-if, starring a never-better Campbell Scott." —Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter

A long-awaited follow up to director Christopher Munch’s acclaimed 2011 Sundance film Letters From the Big Man, The 11th Green stars Campbell Scott (House of Cards, Roger Dodger) as a journalist who uncovers the truth behind the mythology of President Eisenhower’s long-alleged involvement in extraterrestrial events. Rife with hidden government secrets and Matrix-like mindbenders, the film is grounded in what is widely believed to be the nuts-and-bolts core story of post-war U.S. military and government involvement with UFOs. Thought-provoking but understated, filled with sharply drawn characters, stark desert landscapes, and leaps across the space-time continuum, The 11th Green is challenging cinema that generates questions, discussion, and debate long after the credits roll.

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