U.S., 1985, 114 min, Digital, Dir. Richard Donner, Rated PG, Warner Bros.

The Goonies

Friday, 4/2

"The Goonies is a smooth mixture of the usual ingredients from Steven Spielberg action movies, made special because of the high-energy performances of the kids who have the adventures." —Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

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Steven Spielberg, Richard Donner (Superman) and Chris Columbus (Harry Potter) collaborate to create an epic children's adventure of subterranean caverns, sunken galleons and a fortune in lost pirate treasure waiting to be found by a group of friends known as the Goonies. With brothers Mikey (Sean Astin) and Brand's (Josh Brolin) house slated for demolition by greedy land developers, the boys decide their only hope lies in finding a long-lost treasure. They uncover a treasure map and with their friends descend to a subterranean sea and an abandoned galleon in this fun-filled, fast-paced adventure.

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