U.S., 1967, 105 min, 4K DCP, Dir. Mike Nichols, Rated PG, Rialto Pictures

The Graduate

Sunday, October 29

“It’s hard to say which is best -- the direction, the script, or the performances by Dustin Hoffman, Katherine Ross, and Anne Bancroft. Together they achieve a major American film triumph.” —Kansas City Star

"A film that any lover of American cinema should see." —James Luxford, BBC.com

Selected by Mitchell Kaplan

4K restoration

Upon returning home from college, Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) is faced with uncertainty about his future and a sense of disillusionment with the adult world. His parents' friends, particularly Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft), an attractive and seductive older woman, take an interest in him. An affair ensues between Benjamin and Mrs. Robinson, which only deepens his feelings of emptiness.

However, Benjamin's life takes a significant turn when he is encouraged by his parents to take Mrs. Robinson's daughter, Elaine (Katharine Ross), out on a date. As he spends time with Elaine, Benjamin begins to see her as his chance for true love and meaning in life. But his pursuit of Elaine comes with challenges, including the disapproval of both Mrs. Robinson and her husband, Mr. Robinson.

This 4K restoration was created from the 35mm original camera negative by the Criterion Collection. The color timing was done by referencing a previous color grading that had been supervised by Grover Crisp at Sony Pictures and approved by director Mike Nichols.

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