U.S./U.K., 1983, 97 min, 2K DCP, Dir. Tony Scott, Rated R, Warner Bros

The Hunger

Saturday, 6/12

"The stars are of the first magnitude, the direction is sharp as a scalpel ... and the visuals are suitable for exhibition in a gallery specializing in high gloss S&M." —Jay Scott, The Globe and Mail

Tony Scott's cult classic vampire flick is one of the sexiest modern takes on vampires around - and how could it not when said vampires are played by utter beauties David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve? Miriam (Deneuve) is an ageless Egyptian vampire who feeds on New York's nightclub goers alongside her centuries-old boy toy John (Bowie). Though Miriam can grant long life to her lovers, she cannot pass on her immortality. When John begins rapidly aging, he seeks the help of Sarah (Susan Sarandon), a gerontologist researching premature human longevity. But Miriam sets her sights - and teeth - on the doctor, too, and so begins one of cinema's most erotic love triangles. Critically maligned upon release, The Hunger has been reappraised, become a staple of late-night film culture due to its ultra-stylish take made possible by Scott's experiences as a director of commercials.

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