France and Italy, 1963, 186 min, DCP Dir. Luchino Visconti, Rated PG, Italian with English subtitles, 20th Century Fox

The Leopard (Il Gattopardo)

Sunday, 2/27

"One of the finest Scope movies ever made, and Visconti’s most personal meditation on history: muscular in its script, vigorous in performance and sensuous in direction. Lancaster, in the first of his patrician roles, is superb." –Martin Auty, Time Out

"The cinema at its best can give us the illusion of living another life, and that’s what happens here." –Roger Ebert

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Luchino Visconti’s The Leopard is an epic adaption of Giuseppe di Lampedusa’s 1958 novel of the same name. The novel is still one of Italy’s all-time bestsellers, and the story chronicles the challenges of an aristocratic family, one quite used to the grandeur of fine living, during a time in Italy when the middle classes were revolting against the old way and its uneven wealth distribution. This historical period was known as the Risorgimento, and it resulted in a shift to a modern, democratic Italy.

Burt Lancaster plays Prince Don Fabrizio Salina, the proud patriarch. Visconti exhibited a stubborn dedication to recreating the opulence of the period. He cut no corners in this production, recreating grand battles on location instead of utilizing budget-friendly sound stages and studios. This film bankrupted the producer’s production company, but luckily, the producer was able to recover from Visconti’s lavish spending. The Leopard was awarded the Palme d’Or at the 1963 Cannes Film Festival.

The screening will be preceded by a special introduction by the University of Miami Frost School of Music. The Leopard, a world premiere opera featuring University of Miami Frost Opera Theater and Frost Symphony Orchestra, debuts at South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center on March 5 and March 6. Tickets for the opera can be purchased here. Attend the film screening and receive a special discount code for the opera.

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