U.S., 1941, 100 min, Dir. John Huston, Not Rated, Warner Bros

The Maltese Falcon

Tuesday, 2/20

"This must have packed quite a wallop. Well, it still does.” – Leonard Maltin

"Who can argue with Bogart’s glower or Mary Astor in her ratty fur?" – Dave Kehr

Ah, the stuff that dreams are made of! Back in the day, private eye Sam Spade came cheap, at $25 a day, plus expenses. And femme fatale extraordinaire Mary Astor could get away playing three different characters without special make-up, before Humphrey Bogart decides to send her over. Director John Huston’s adaptation ranks with the most faithful, ever: you’d swear author Dashiell Hammett gave birth to Sidney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre and not just to the unforgettable characters they play. Much has happened since 1941, the year The Maltese Falcon was made. Still, this is about as much fun as you’ll ever have in a movie. So be a good man, sister. Try and find out who actually killed Thursby. It’ll put you in solid with your boss.

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