U.S., 1936 to 1949, 65 min (16 min each), Dirs. Preston Black, Jules White, and Edward Bernds, Courtesy of archive.org

The Three Stooges

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Sing a Song of Six Pants: The Stooges' run a tailor shop about to repossessed unless they catch a fugitive bank robbery and claim the big reward.

Disorder in the Court: The Stooges are summoned as key witnesses in a murder trial - but is their friend and colleague actually guilty?

Brideless Groom: Voice instructor Shemp is to receive a $500,000 inheritance on one condition: he must marry within 48 hours.

Malice in the Palace: The Stooges attempt to steal the priceless diamond belonging to the late King Rootintootin from the Emir of Shmow.

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