Tierra de Campos: David Trueba presents his new novel (in Spanish)

Saturday, 8/18, 7:00 pm at Books & Books

In addition to being the award-winning director of Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed, The Good Life and several others, David Trueba is also a columnist for Spain’s leading daily, El País, and a celebrated novelist. On Saturday, August 18, 7 pm, across the street from CGAC at Books & Books, he’ll be introducing - in Spanish - his most recent novel, Tierra de Campos, a book that reads like a song and plays in your mind’s eye like a road movie. Songwriter Dani Mosca rides a funeral hearse to bury his father in the town where he was born. A life of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll spreads out before him as shards from his past return to haunt him.

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