Toby Dammit / La Jetée

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"Marvelous: A short movie, but a major one...a kind of postscript to La Dolce Vita, the picture of an exhausted, once beautiful person handing his soul over to the devil." —Vincent Canby, The New York Times, on Toby Dammit

"The greatest science fiction movie I’ve ever seen." —Pauline Kael on La Jetée

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Federico Fellini and Chris Marker come together in this double feature from Janus Films. In Fellini's Toby Dammit - a loose adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's "Never Bet the Devil Your Head" - an alcoholic actor (Terence Stamp) suffers from disturbing visions while trying to make a film in Italy's famous Cinecittà film studio. And in Marker's influential sci-fi classic La Jetée (Terry Gilliam's inspiration for 12 Monkeys and told strictly via still photography), a man travels through time to a moment in his childhood that holds the key to averting World War 3.

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