U.S., 2019, 114 min, 4K DCP, dir. Skyler Lawson, Not rated but unsuitable for children


Saturday, 11/6

"Whelm is an absolute MUST WATCH 16mm masterpiece. [I’ve ] never seen a director make SO MUCH movie with so little money!" —Steve Bellamy, President of Kodak Motion Picture Film

"A glorious picture that rewards you for paying attention to every single thing." — The Artswire Weekly

Stay after the screening for a Q&A with writer/director Skyler Lawson and composer Chris Dudley, moderated by Gables Cinema founder Steven Krams.

Whelm takes audiences on a mind-bending odyssey through the sprawling landscape of the Great Depression. As a midwestern hotel is brutally robbed of the money it's hiding for a notorious gang, WW1 veteran August, and his younger brother Reed, get tangled in a rivalry between a legendary bank robber and a mysterious enigma of a man named Alexander Aleksy. Their journey descends into the madness of the mind, as the estranged brothers are lured into a snare putting them at the center of a larger historic scheme, snowballing to an emotional climax that asks the audience to look inwards. Shot on 16mm film, its luscious cinematography evokes Norman Rockwell's paintings.

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