U.S., 1998, 108 min, 35mm, Dir. John McNaughton, Rated R, Sony Pictures Releasing

Wild Things (35mm)

Saturday, 6/5

"Wild Things is lurid trash, with a plot so twisted they're still explaining it during the closing titles. It's like a three-way collision between a softcore sex film, a soap opera and a B-grade noir. I liked it." —Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

Rich kid Kelly (Denise Richards) accuses her school's teacher of the year (Matt Dillon) of rape - and her accusation is surprisingly corroborated by social outcast Suzie (Neve Campbell), who also claims she was a victim. What soon ensues is a lurid story of murder, intrigue, and sex as detective Ray Duquette (Kevin Bacon) uncovers a layered web of lies and seduction in the snobby Florida yachting enclave of Blue Bay. Wild Things is salacious, trashy, and features just the right kind of twisted plot that keeps you captivated. Its cast of Bacon, Dillon, Richards, and Campbell - 90s Hollywood mainstays - exudes chemistry, which reaches explosive levels in the many notorious sex scenes. Reflecting on the film's script, Bacon called it "the trashiest piece of crap I've ever read" but was intrigued by the surprises found on every other page. One of those surprises being Bill Murray as a neck-brace wearing lawyer whose onscreen presence adds a humorous touch to the dark ambience of the film. Filmed on location in Florida - including the Everglades, where production briefly halted when a real dead body was discovered - Wild Things perfectly encapsulates the sleazy side of the state.

Introduction by Juan Barquin
This rare 35mm screening will be introduced by Juan Barquin, Miami-based writer for Miami New Times, Hyperallergic, Bitch Media, and co-founder of the film criticism site Dim the House Lights. Juan is also co-creator and programmer of the queer film series Flaming Classics.

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