Coral Gables Art Cinema and the Coral Gables Museum have partnered to recommend 3 films for you to watch with your children and engage with themed lesson plans and activities. The films & lesson plans are delivered to your inbox via a weekly newsletter; click here to subscribe. Share the work your kids have done by tagging @gablescinema and @coragablesmuseum with the hashtag #filmsforfamilies on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Film education can start at a young age and we are excited as always to do what we can, in spite of the current circumstances, to give our children and families the tools to do so.

The list of films has been curated by Midge Blumberg-Krams, Chair of the Children & Family Programs at Coral Gables Art Cinema and themed lesson plans & activities have been created by Lili Dominguez, Director of Education at the Coral Gables Museum.

Click on the images below to access each week's collection, which includes suggestions of where to stream the films.

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