Gables Cinema on the Move

Gables Cinema on the Move

Gables Cinema on the Move brings celebrated films to unorthodox venues and underserved communities with a goal to increase access, encourage interesting discussion, nurture community, and tap into the power of storytelling. Partners include Homework Gallery, Break Free Movement, The Cat's Meow Café, Gramps, the Museum of Graffiti, Lotus House, Overtown Optimist Club, and the Boys and Girls Club. This program is made possible by funding from PNC Arts Alive.

Night at the Museum

Friday, September 29

When a down-on-his-luck divorced father takes a job as a night security guard at a museum, he discovers that the exhibits come to life after dark, leading to a whimsical adventure to restore order and uncover the magic of history. This free screening will take place at the Overtown Optimist Club. RSVP here.

The Return of the Living Dead

Wednesday, October 25

Two employees of a medical supply company accidentally release a toxic gas that raises up the dead. Soon the town is overrun with flesh-eating residents of the local cemetery who are hungry for brains... This free screening will take place at Gramps (176 NW 24th St.).