Tribute to Melville

In August 1973, 50 years ago, Jean-Pierre Grumbach (known as Jean-Pierre Melville), one of the great filmmakers of the 20th century, passed away. In a career spanning just fourteen films and twenty-five years, Jean-Pierre Melville became an international legend. His films had a profound impact on the young filmmakers of the French New Wave. He also exerted a lasting influence on other major filmmakers, with his writing and visual style having inspired many American directors such as Quentin Tarantino, Michael Mann and Jim Jarmusch. 2023 is an opportunity to pay tribute to him and (re)discover his work. This program is presented in partnership with the Alliance Française Miami Metro.

Le Deuxième Souffle

Friday, October 13

After a daring escape from prison, a gangster races to resume his criminal pursuits in a new city, while a relentless inspector closes in on his trail.

24 Hours in the Life of a Clown

Saturday, October 14

A poignant short film directed by the legendary Jean-Pierre Melville. In this emotionally charged narrative, we follow the tumultuous existence of Marcel, a seasoned clown struggling to find meaning in a world overshadowed by despair.

Code Name: Melville

Saturday, October 14

Through a blend of interviews, scarce archival footage, and film excerpts, the documentary delves into the profound influence of Melville's wartime experiences on his literary works and how they fundamentally shaped his cinematic vision, both thematically and aesthetically.

Le Silence de la Mer

Saturday, October 14

In his directorial debut, Jean-Pierre Melville crafts a haunting adaptation of an underground novel from Nazi-occupied France.

Army of Shadows

Sunday, October 15

Set in the Nazi-occupied France, a courageous group of resistance fighters, masterminded by the enigmatic Philippe Gerbier, wages a relentless battle for survival and freedom.

Bob le Flambeur

Sunday, October 15

In a high-stakes world where risks define life's ultimate gamble, an aging gambler, Bob Montagné, crafts a daring heist plan to rob a casino in Deauville.

Léon Morin, Priest

Sunday, October 15

In Nazi-occupied France, a passionate and atheistic widow, Barny, forms a complex bond with the charismatic and compassionate priest, Léon Morin.