Virtual Screening Room

We've partnered with several distributors to bring some of the great programming we are known for directly to your homes! Your rental of any of these films helps support the Gables Cinema during these difficult times.

For information on how to stream the films, please click here.

Nina Wu

Available Virtually 4/16

A sumptuous, stylized thriller in the vein of Mulholland Drive about an actress who suffers paranoid fantasies on the eve of her big break. Virtual Release

This Is Not a Burial, It's a Resurrection

Available Virtually 4/16

This unmistakable landmark in African cinema is visually striking and impressionistic portrait of an 80-year old woman who becomes an unlikely political and spiritual leader. Virtual Release


Available Virtually 4/23

Norway's Official Oscar Submission is a perceptive, heartfelt story about a couple (Andrea Bræin Hovig and Stellan Skarsgård) who rekindle their love in the wake of a terminal diagnosis. Virtual Release

Coup 53

Now Available Virtually

An enthralling investigation into the overthrow of the Iranian government captured from rare archival material and 16mm film that takes viewers into uncharted cinematic waters. Virtual Release

About Endlessness

Available Virtually 4/30

Roy Andersson's acclaimed film is a reflection on human life in all its beauty and cruelty, its splendor and banality. Virtual Release

The County

Available Virtually 4/30

Rams director Grímur Hákonarson returns to his native Iceland with this humanist farmland fable that plays out like a timely political allegory. Virtual Release

2021 Oscar Nominated Short Films

Now Available Virtually

The 2021 Oscar Nominated Short Films are straight to your home! Virtual Release

Tales of the Four Seasons

Now Available Virtually

The final film series by French master Eric Rohmer returns with brand new restorations of all four films. Virtual Release

Identifying Features

Now Available Virtually

A lyrical and stunning Mexican border drama about a woman who embarks on an ever-expanding journey to uncover the truth after her son crosses the border into the U.S. - and is not heard from. Virtual Release

Preparations To Be Together For an Unknown Period of time

Now Available Virtually

A masterful and intoxicating narrative about love and the lies we tell ourselves. Hungary's Official Oscar Submission. Virtual Release

The Salt of Tears

Now Available Virtually

Philippe Garrel's emotionally resonant moral tale is a pin-point precise observation of the callowness of youth. Virtual Release

What Happened Was...

Now Available Virtually

A 4K restoration of Tom Noonan's directorial debut, a darkly humorous take on dating dread. Virtual Release


Now Available Virtually

A young Jewish woman from Mexico City finds herself torn between her family and her forbidden love with a non-Jewish man in this intimate, insightful film. Virtual Release